We offer a full range on insurance services for the trucking industry.  We have special programs to protect your trucking operation.  We can provide coverage for local, long haul, and intermediate haulers.  Our carriers will insure refrigerated haulers, dry freight haulers, container haulers, sand & gravel operations, auto haulers, recycled goods haulers, building material haulers, used household goods movers, trash haulers, loggers, tow truck operators, limousines, and many more. 

Truck Auto Liability

Auto Liability insurance helps cover the financial responsibility if you or an employee is at fault in an accident and people are injured or their property is damaged. 

General Liability

As the name implies this coverage pertains to very broad 3rd party liability coverage other than automobile. Protection for injuries or property damage sustained while on your premises, using your products or services, or because of a breach of contract are some of the more customary types of risk this coverage is intended for.

Physical Damage

Described as First Party Insurance this coverage provides you protection for your investment in truck and trailer equipment. It is provided on a specified perils or comprehensive basis and collision

Workers Compensation

Employers are generally required by law to provide workers compensation insurance as protection for job related injury or disease for their employees. These policies are written and priced based upon the duties and payroll amount of the employees.

Motor Truck Cargo

Motor Truck Cargo insurance protects the transporter for his responsibility in the event of damaged or lost freight. The policy is purchased with a maximum load limit per vehicle. Under-insuring the load can prove catastrophic to you in the event of a claim. Make sure you understand the concept of co-insurance.

Trailer Interchange

Trucking operations regularly involve the use of someone else’s trailer. You need protection for damage you do to a trailer not owned by you. Trailer Interchange coverage provides that protection when there is a written trailer interchange agreement that you have agreed to. It provides protection when you have care, custody and control of one, or many, trailers; whether they are attached to your truck or not.

Occupational Accident

Occupational Accident Insurance covers eligible on-the-job accidents that owner-operators or contract drivers sustain while under dispatch or working on/around their truck. The coverage can be customized under this program to cover the unique risks motor carriers and drivers confront every day.


Bonds are basically the insurance company guaranteeing that you will perform or pay as required under your obligations. In the event an obligation is not honored a claim by the other party can be made against your bond. The insurance company will then seek reimbursement from you if the claim was valid. Therefore, bonds are, in essence, a form of credit. Good credit is the essential factor in obtaining a bond.